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Pediatric Dentist Round Rock TX

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Pediatric Dentist Round Rock TX:
The Dental Specialist Group USA would like to introduce to you our local Round Rock Pediatric Dentist and staff. We consider this children’s dental center to be one of the best rated in the whole state of  Texas. Located here in Round Rock Texas this  is a dental practice that specializes in the care oral hygiene of kids of all ages. We care for infants, kids and children, as well as teens. Providing the care they need backed by years of dental knowledge and on hand experience.

From an early age the teeth of kids need special attention. It is very important for infant’s teeth to be cared for as early as possible as these little teeth are going to have to last them for about 6 or 7 years of their lives. Children’s teeth are prone to cavities and decay and that is why kids need special care all the way through their teenage years.

Pediatric Dentist Round Rock


Kids need a playful and exciting environment that stimulates their imagination. In short, they need a dental office where they can have fun and be relaxed and that’s what we offer. While my staff and I go about the important business of keeping their teeth healthy we provide an atmosphere where fun is the property for the kids.

We’ve found that kids love to come to their dental appointments because we focus both on their comfort as highly as we focus on providing good oral hygiene. It’s a combination that not all children’s dentist understands. Here at the Pediatric Dentist Round Rock TX we fully grasp the importance of children needing a balance of both fun and comfort while we also realize you as the parent expects a high level of professionalism.

We provide an excellent fun atmosphere
We provide games and activities to help kids relax during their visit
We offer the highest level of dental care possible backed by years of experience
We are local and easily accessible to the entire Round Rock area

We are currently accepting new patients so please don’t hesitate to give us a call to set-up your child’s appointment with us today.


My Friend Staff Are By The Phones Ready To Help You Set Up Your Initial Consultation.

My Friendly Staff Are Happy To Set Up Your Kids Initial Appointment.

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